Corporate Island – Abracorp Business Meeting

The Corporate Island – Abracorp Business Meeting is the product of cooperation between the National ABAV and the Brazilian Business Travel Agencies Association (Abracorp). It remains as one of the most popular spaces for negotiation of the 45th ABAV International Tourism Expo and the 48th Braztoa Business Meeting.

The Corporate Island aims to meet the growing demand of business travel industry sector, events and incentives that encourage the exchange of experiences with travel managers of companies from several segments. This year, the area gets an auditorium where exhibitors will be able to promote training and lectures for the select group of buyers, invited by Abracorp associated agencies.

Travel managers who wish to visit the Abracorp Corporate Island can get in touch directly with your corporate agencies or Abracorp and perform a free registration. If the travel manager is from another State, the sponsor Gol Linhas Aéreas ensures air transport within the availability of its airline network.


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