FAQ – Exhibitor

FAQ - Exhibitor

Handheld items may be removed after fair closure, which takes place on September 30, 08:00 pm. Items that require a cart may only be transported after the carpets were removed, i.e., around 10:30 pm. Disassembly on October 1, 2016 finishes at 06:00 pm.

Event dates: September 28 to 30, 2016.

Event hours (fair operating hours): 12:00 pm (noon) to 08:00 pm

Assembly dates: September 25 to 27, 2016.

Assembly hours: from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Parking is exclusively managed by the EXPO CENTER NORTE. Exhibitors must prove that they are actually participating in the event by showing their badge, which entitles them to purchase a parking card that’s valid for the entire period of the event. Exhibitors receive a 50% (fifty percent) discount off the current pricelist, including, if required, the assembly and disassembly periods. Only two (2) exhibitor parking cards at a discount price are granted to exhibiting companies per stand, regardless of stand size.

Both the green hall and the white hall are accessed by José Bernardo Pinto Street, Gate 13. Cars and trucks may feature a maximum height of 2.70 meters at the most.

Access will only be granted with a valid car parking card and a vehicle badge*

(*badge must be duly visible).

For any further information, please call:

Phone: +5511 2089-0281

Please contact VIVO directly to make any phone and internet connection requests:

VIVO – Expo Center Norte – Red hall mezzanine

  • +5511 2089-8531 – Alan – anbbraga@sercom.com.br
  • +5511 2089-8480 – Andrea andsilva@sercom.com.br

Calculation of basic stand lighting during the days of the event is based on a rate of 0.08 KVA per square meter (m2), which allows you to calculate your minimum required consumption. Projects that require specific lighting must add any extra consumption to the required minimum consumption. Please refer to the person in charge of developing your project for further details.

Once you have made your requests, payment instructions will be available at your restricted area.

Each exhibitor is entitled to one badge per 3 m², e.g., 15 m² / 3 = 5 badges.


What kind of services should I hire?

First, make sure that all the services you require are actually included in your agreement (see items below). Check with your assembler if your stand requires any special and/or additional services.

Required items are:

  • Electric power outlet
  • Power consumption
  • Assembly cleaning services
  • City administration fees

To obtain that information, please contact our office and refer to the CAEX – Exhibitor Service Center. Phone: +5511 3905-6312 / Email: caex@promo.tur.br

What’s the address of the exhibition hall?

Expo Center Norte Exhibition Hall

José Bernardo Pinto Street, 333 – District: Vila Guilherme – Zip-Code: 02055-000
São Paulo / SP

Halls: Green and White


KVA is the measure used for the consumption of electricity.