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ABAV Expo 2019 opens one day to the final audience, offering a "Black Friday of Tourism"


The 47th ABAV Expo – International Tourism Fair and the 52nd Braztoa Business Meeting – which will take place at Expo Center Norte (São Paulo) – open to the final audience on the last day of the fair, Friday, September 27th. To celebrate the World Tourism Day, held on that date, ABAV Expo promotes a “Black Friday of Tourism” that offers discounts on national and international travel packages. Promotions will be formatted by operators associated with Braztoa and sold exclusively by travel agencies associated with ABAV at an area specially created to accommodate clients.

The news was confirmed today (March 26), on the occasion of this year’s first ordinary meeting of the Management and the Board of Presidents of National ABAV, whose agenda included internal issues and deliberations, as well as updates on institutional projects developed by the association. “This year in particular, there is a valuable opportunity to reach out to the final audience due to this unprecedented action at ABAV Expo, which has been the largest showcase for the launch of products and services of the Brazilian travel and tourism industry, as well as the most long-standing fair in its segment. We had a very positive summer season, featuring an increase of 15% over the previous one, and an excellent national flow. The market is optimistic and expects more balanced exchange rates this year, which favors resumption of international travel,” says NationalABAV’s president, Geraldo Rocha.

“We are delighted and confident to participate, together with ABAV, in such an unprecedented initiative at a tourism fair. This action strengthens our longtime partnership and we trust that our operators will devise very attractive offers covering a wide range of traveler profiles, which will be skillfully negotiated by ABAV’s associate partners,” says Magda Nassar, president of Braztoa. “We want visitors to experience specialized service and to benefit from travel agents’ know-how. In addition to discounts, this is an opportunity to talk to qualified professionals and to plan a trip in an organized and safe way,” adds.

Deemed to be the largest and most comprehensive tourism fair in Brazil, ABAV Expo congregates hundreds of national and international exhibitors from the entire tourism chain. ABAV Expo’s audience includes buyers and decision makers from leading travel agencies, corporate travel managers, the most important inbound and outbound operators, among other industry professionals. The 2018 edition was visited by more than 23,000 people and business negotiations exceeded R$ 109 million. Stands are on sale right now. For more information about available areas, please contact ABAV Expo’s commercial team by e-mail: vendas@abavexpo.com.br.

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